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What is "locavorism" ?

The locavore ecological and economic movement advocates the consumption of food produced within a radius of about 200 km around its home. Locavores attempt to reduce the distances, costs and ecological consequences of food delivery. A movement that allows harmony between populations and territories. A return to basics somehow.
This mode of consumption helps to maintain the diversity of landscapes, cultures and ecosystems. Finally, local, also known as seasonal , which allows people to enjoy fresh, more tasty products than when they are picked and shipped for thousands of kilometers or grown without natural sun, for example.
Locavorism enables small producers, farmers' cooperatives, AMAPs (Association for the Maintenance of Peasant Agriculture) and local traders and craftsmen to live and resist competition.
Being locavore is an art of living that should not be taken literally as a unique and non-changeable mode of consumption. It is a concept that deserves attention and is applied, each one at his level, according to his possibilities, his means, without falling into the extreme! Consuming durable should not be a constraint just as eating should remain a pleasure!

We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry