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A new kitchen

Happy New Year to all of you !
Good wishes for the new Year : we have reorganized the premises, the kitchen and the tables, and reset the menus. Great works in the kitchen to optimize workstations around a magnificent dark blue stove, up to promote communication and exchanges into the cook team. It's a great working tool, appreciated by the chefs and the cooks, finding their feet little by little...
We still have to finalize organization of the store and the selective sorting of wastes.

In the dining rooms, it's also a beautiful reorganiszation, more spacious.

Finally, we revised the menu, with a tighter but still gourmet offer, and our platters of seafood that remain unchanged.

We are waiting for you all to share our good meals with you !!

An organic restaurant

It is with great joy that we inform you that now all our fruits and vegetables come from organic farming (part of which is grown in our vegetable garden) as well as 80% of our grocery store (cereals, spices, dried products. ..)
Our meats are either organic or labeled.
Our seafood products are either organic or come from sustainable fishing, so wild fish and seafood.
Our bread is organic and wood fire cooked.
An organic alternative is offered to you for a large part of our drinks.

Menu of 31st dec 2017

Frises bouche :

Oyster Bouzigues refined n ° 3
Hot oyster in watercress
Wild shrimp in tempura
Marbled razor clams
Caviar from Italy (10g) and blinis (sup 25 € ttc)


The duck foie gras
Seared, beef consommé and truffled


truffled brandade and its effeuillée, crispy langoustine


The chicken
Stuffed thigh, truffled poultry juice, broken chestnuts
Dauphinois celery root and potatoes


Brie de Meaux refined and truffled

Clementine in declination

Frises en bouche, starter, 1 course of your choice, cheese and dessert 65 € ttc

The full menu 79 € ttc